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Using MAP's Forms, Task Lists and Case Notes to Enhance Your Work Flow

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As you have read about in our first blog post, adoption agencies and organizations often suffer from a condition that we call FOOL’D, or Fear of OverLooking Documents. Unfortunately, this is a common ailment in the adoption industry, but it can be cured. My Adoption Portal (MAP) is a customized management platform that helps all parties in the adoption process operate more efficiently, eliminating the side effects of FOOL’D.

Below we’ve highlighted three of the most important features of MAP: Forms, Tasks, and Case Notes. These modules help adoption agencies work smarter and serve their clients more efficiently. Each explanation comes with an informational video that explores each feature at length. Check it out!


As opposed to having to send out PDF forms or document packets via mail, organizations that use MAP can create interactive forms on the fly. Adoptive parents can access, complete and digitally sign these forms online through a protected portal that will notify you for review once completed. Whether it’s for domestic clearance or pertains to a step in the home study, every form or document that is needed for the adoption process is easily accessible and amended with the click of a mouse.

Task Lists

Adoption is a tedious process, and for a caseworker it can be hard to keep track of what you need to do next in any given situation. With MAP, you can set up rules and tasks to make the process easier for your workforce. By setting custom rules, you can make sure that every time a caseworker needs to review or approve something, they are notified, and time limit is set. You can even create your own tasks to remind of you of certain events, such as a birth parent meeting or court finalization. Think of it as a smart checklist that helps keep you on top of your workflow.

Case Notes

Organizing and preserving all of the information required in the adoption process is a daunting task but MAP has simplified the process through the use of case notes. Any online submission, communication or payment from clients are automatically logged in case notes, creating complete case history. For example, if a church submits a reference form for an adoptive family, that form will be saved to their case, and a note will be created documenting that submission. No more searching around for the right folder, everything you need for an audit is just a click away.

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