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Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words

How photos can add a whole new dimension to your profile

· Photo Tips

When creating your Parentfinder profile, photos are one of the most important elements to consider during the creation process. By taking the time to check the quality, content, and context of your photos, you are making an investment in your profile.


Here are three tips based on birth mother and agency feedback that will help you choose the best photos for your Parentfinder Profile:


1.    Quality: Here at Parentfinder, we require all photos used in profiles to be above 500kb. The reason we have this file size standard is that we want to make sure that your book looks SUPER good – we care about quality. If your photos are below 500kb, they may appear grainy, pixilated or fuzzy upon printing. That is not putting your best foot forward.


2.    Content: Every day moments, memorable traditions and smiling faces– these are all elements of photos that will convey to birth mothers that you are a happy family. Some of the content that we would rather you leave out:  sleepy faces, alcohol or cigarettes, sunglasses, too much skin or mundane shots (think, working at a computer). Find your most fun photos and make them the centerpiece of your profile.


3.    Context: Did you write about last year’s trip to Disney World? Show us a picture! Also, think about where a photo will be placed: if we are trying to choose a front cover photo, we need to make sure that the picture fits the context. This shouldn’t be a wedding photo, a swimsuit shot, or a Christmas card cover. Instead, this should be the best, most recent you have. Consider your front cover to be your first introduction to a birthmother. It’s her first decision she’ll make about you: should I open this book or not?

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