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Technology and Adoption

Five Ways Technology is Changing Adoption

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Over the years, advances in technology have changed the way we connect with others and share our stories. When it comes to adoption, websites like, and have provided important tools that are changing the way birth parents and prospective adoptive parents connect.

  1. Mobility: Businesses are adapting to smart phone use, so why not adoption? More than 70% of birth mothers have been able to find and connect with agencies with potential parents while using their phone. Organizations that embrace mobile use are also easier to find when searching online.
  2. Reach: Through widespread Internet usage and social media, we are more connected to each other than ever before. Adoption websites enable birth mothers and hopeful parents to connect all around the world, regardless of geographic location. No more need for the Yellow Pages.
  3. Privacy: Adoption websites with increased security create barriers between birth mothers and potential parents. This allows for a more safe and private adoption for all of the parties involved.
  4. Cost: It has never been simpler and more cost efficient to build, host and publish an adoption profile. Advances in website creation and printing technologies mean that you can create the perfect profile for the lowest cost.
  5. Fluidity: The best part about technology today is that we are no longer stuck with what we create, it’s dynamic. Technology allows you to interact with your profile and share those special stories and moments in your life in real time. No more scrapbooking, no more glue and scissors. Just your smart phone and a connection to the internet can help you tell a story.
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