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The Anxiety of Waiting

Some Helpful Advice from Meredith Shepard, Heart of Adoptions

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We recently sat down with Meredith Shepard, the Adoptive Parent Coordinator at Heart of Adoptions, to get some more insight on the adoption process. Last week, we shared with you some of her helpful advice about creating the best adoption profile. Now we will share her insight about helping waiting parents deal with the anxiety of waiting. 

When we spoke with Meredith, we explained to her that many families who have completed their Parentfinder profile and are waiting to be matched up with a birth mother admit that this can be the hardest part of the process. We wanted to know from her, as an Adoptive Parent Coordinator, “What do you tell families that are going through this tough time?”

“I truly believe that when your baby is meant to come home, it’s going to happen,” she said, “and you need to stay positive throughout this time.” She went on to explain that “no two adoption journeys are the same,” and that you should take this time to live in the moment. “Enjoy the journey and have a story to tell the child as they grow up.”

One way of enjoying the journey is documenting it! Meredith said that she “loves telling people to start a journal. Families do pregnancy journals all the time and adoptive families can do the same thing.” Not only could this journal be a keepsake for a child, but it’s something you could put on Parentfinder profile to share your journey with birth mothers.

Meredith also suggested that taking your mind off the adoption process and putting it towards preparing yourself for parenting is a great way to ease the anxiety. “Buy the car seat, stock up on baby clothes and read some of the books that are out there to help you prepare,” she said. But take some time for yourselves too, “take that trip you’ve always wanted to do, and invest in your relationship. Adoption is hard and it’s important to take this time to stabilize your life.”

In the end, it’s all about finding peace in your situation and cherishing this time, as this will be a period of your lives that you’ll never forget. The adoption process can be stressful and it can be very tough on families, but always remember that the outcome will be totally worth it. There is nothing more joyful than welcoming a precious child into your hearts and your home.

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