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The Numbers Speak For Themselves

What We've Learned About Our Users

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Parentfinder is enjoying our best year since inception, and we're getting better each and every day. More agencies. More parents. More forever families. But what's our secret? Building quality adoption profiles that keep visitors engaged.

Time Well Spent

As compared to our competition, Parentfinder drives visitors to click on three times the amount of adoption profile pages, and visitors spend nine times the amount of time viewing parent's profiles!
Can our competitors really say that they are reaching their target audience when 75% of their users end up leaving the site in 3 minutes or less?

Technology and Adoption Profiles

92% of visitors stay on Parentfinder for an average length of 26 minutes and click through an average of eight pages. What does that tell us? People come to Parentfinder with a purpose. They come here knowing what they want - to create a forever family.
What keeps our visitors so engaged? Parentfinder profiles are rich in content, diverse in media and more accessible to birth moms than ever before. They offer expectant birth moms a 360° view of parents hoping to adopt.

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