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This American Life: Yes or No, Baby.

Nancy Updike talks with a birth mother about the adoption process

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Here at Parentfinder, we love all things adoption! But we also love podcasts too. When Greg and Colin both stumbled upon a great segment of This American Life from WBEZ-Chicago that featured an interview with a birthmother, we knew it would be the perfect thing to share. Check it out!

Description from This American Life: "There are some situations where making judgments about people based on limited amounts of information is not only accepted, but required. One of those situations is open adoption, where birth mothers actually choose the adoptive parents for their child. TAL producer Nancy Updike talks to a pregnant woman named Kim going through the first stage of open adoption: Reading dozens of letters from prospect parents, all of whom seem utterly capable and appealing. With so many likable candidates to choose from, Kim ends up focusing on tiny details of people's lives. (6 minutes)" 

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