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TV Shows and Adoption

by Gina Crotts

· Adoption Stories

As a birth mother, and a mother to three children, I do my best to explain what adoption is and what my role is as a birth mother. At first, the words and lingo seem so foreign to my children. It can be a sensitive subject to cover. I have had every question and concern, as each of them gained a better understanding of what adoption looks like.

When adoption is portrayed on TV, it can be either helpful in our positive discussions or it can bring up reality vs. fiction. Every adoption story looks and feels different, but having a positive TV show play out some of the true essences of what adoption can look like is beneficial.

“If you haven’t been adopted or adopted a child yourself, you’ll never really know what the experience is like. That means when it comes to portraying adoption on TV, it can be hit, a miss… or somewhere in between.”

The same can be said for a birth mother—if you haven’t placed your baby for adoption, you’ll never really know what the experience is like.

Here is a great list of TV shows that get adoption right.

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