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What Parents Have to Say About Parentfinder

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"The availability of the everyone involved (Kim, Colin, Mark) - they were always available to answer questions and it was nice to know we could contact them whenever we needed. Thank you!"

- Nick and Pat, Kirsh & Kirsh

"The steps taken to go through the process were not too easy but we were guided through out the process. The people that worked on our profile (the text, the design, overall) are very professional and that's the most helpful part."

- Cindy and Marta, Adoptions Together

"Kim was amazing! She explained everything clearly and answered all our questions. Mark was fabulous, too. He was very communicative and was knowledgeable about the graphic and design process.

We would like to thank Kim and Mark for making this stressful time less hard for us by supporting us through the profile process."

- Daniel and Jen, Adoption Choices Colorado

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