• Photo and letter sharing made safe and easy!

    Childconnect is the only post adoption resource proven to improve post adoption relationships.

  • Childconnect Membership


    • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Tracks and reminds families and agencies/attorneys when updates are due.
    • Supports pictures, video, and update letters.
    • Allows for automated and custom communication between agencies/attorneys, their adoptive parents and birth parents. Completely confidential, and if necessary, anonymous.
    • Automatic printing and delivery of LifeBooks. 
    • Optional 4 x 6 prints to birth parents.
    • See who has viewed your updates including number of times.
    • Allows multiple connections to be established for both birth parents and adoptive parents
    • Customized update schedule


    Childconnect will support any type of post adoption plan or agreement.

    Our standard plans include:

    • 5 year plan which includes 10 LifeBooks with optional 4 x 6 photos.
    • 18 year plan includes 23 LifeBooks with optional 4 x 6 photos.

    * Included in the cost of both plans: Adoptive families and birth parents can create an unlimited number of online LifeBooks to share with each other.

  • What our Clients Say about Childconnect

    “I love Childconnect. It’s helped me so much and it’s super easy to use.”

    Sandy, birth mom

    “There are many steps that go into writing and sending a letter in the mail, with ChildConnect it is as simple as composing that message and then clicking send. You don’t have to wait at the post office.”

    Beth Stahl, Adoptions Together

    “The beauty of Childconnect, A birth parent can sign on from any corner of the world and see pictures. There is a chronology of pictures that she can look at any time, share with anyone, and order prints which are shipped to her.”

    Jeanne Tate,
    Recognized Adoption Attorney & Owner of Heart of Adoptions, Inc

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