• Offering birth moms a 360° view

    of parents hoping to adopt

    Hopeful Adoptive Parents get the professional guidance and profile creation services they need.

    Adoption organizations get a trusted partner and valuable SEO.

  • Family Marketing Program 

    70% of expectant birth mothers navigate the web on a mobile device.

    An adoption profile is the only voice waiting parents have to speak with a birth mom.

    How does your profile look on a smart phone? The profiles we create, look great!

    Step 1. Create your book

    2 different eBook formats & a pdf for printing

    Write, illustrate and design your adoption profile book with the help of our adoption profile coach, journalist, and professional designer. Click their cover to view their book.

    Step 2. Live on the web

    Adoption profiles can be viewed on 5 different adoption websites

    Once approved, your profile is made live and viewed on 5 different adoption sites. Click image to see profile.

    Step 3. Video Profile

    Expectant Birth moms hear your voice and watch your story come to life.

    Hearing the love in your voice as she comes along on a journey into your home, community, family, and life, video profiles add depth to expectant birth moms.

    Step 4. Adoption Website

    Your personalized URL (www.gregandkeelyadopt.com)

    We collect every element we've created, letters, photos, eBooks, printable profile, video, journal entries, and contact information.

    Step 5. Featured Profile

    Your Parentfinder adoption profile is featured in Parentfinder's social media.

    We feature your Parentfinder profile on 11 different social media pages including:  6 Facebook pages, 2 Pinterest boards, Google+, Blogger, and twitter.

  • We have a 98% approval rating!

    What waiting families are saying

    “The easiest part was being able to rely on the Parentfinder team. When the time came to submit our work, everything was smooth and speedy with
    (Parentfinder’s team) and that was incredibly helpful!”

    - Kevin and Kelli

    "Colin is easy to talk to, responsive and funny! He is wonderful! Kim explaining the process and about social media is very helpful as well."

    - Matthew and Jena

    "Working one on one with staff to guide you through the creative process for your profile was most helpful."

     - Beth

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